Soie de Lune


Soie de Lune not only provides high quality fabrics but celebrates the culture and Laos artisan hands that touch every yarn. Using traditional hand woven process to create contemporary fabrics to meet modern world of the 21st Century is what makes Soie de Lune stand out. While maintaining the unique spiritual touch to each fabric, Soie de Lune also creates color from their facility. The only one in the country and it give opportunity to educate and train which aligns with the company’s mission: To give the artisans of Laos have a future through their creation.


Soie de Lune provides luxury hand woven fabrics using quality Thai or Italian yarns. It’s produced in Laos, South East Asia where hand weaving industry is still active. Culture celebrates traditional woven textiles and plays an important role in devout Buddhist country. Keeping the industry alive means enhancing our wellbeing through quality and richness but also supporting the sustainable process that Laos keeps it their tradition alive opposed to their neighbors who adopted cheap machineries to meet low cost demands.

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